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It is valentine and it is time for all you guys to order flowers for your Thai girlfriend in Pattaya. Many foreigners have a Thai girlfriend in Pattaya. Some guys even have a ladyboy in Pattaya and why not?

Valentine in Thailand is like Christmas for people in Europe, everybody needs to get a flower. Few years ago only flowers shops sold roses but now you can find bucket vendors selling roses all over Pattaya and Thailand.

The flowers shops in north Thailand even made a mafia pact to only sell roses for 1 USD and not a penny less. Even if the roses was not that expensive they made a cartel to make sure nobody sold under 1 USD and that is totally crazy.
The Thailand Flowers Blog wrote about this a few years ago and from what we understand the police is making sure they not do it again.
If you want to order flowers to Pattaya I would strongly recommend Thailand Flowers because they always keep the same price.

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