Pattaya Airport Link Thailand

Pattaya is located in the east coast of Thailand which is approximately 165 km southeast of Bangkok. It is a popular beach resort that includes Asia’s largest beachfront shopping mall while being one of the prime tourist attraction destinations that supply entertainment to any nature of vacationer. Unfortunately it takes three and a half hours to travel to Pattaya from Bangkok and therefore a rail link from Bangkok to Rayong is under construction to encounter this issue.

This high speed rail link being built at present is from Bangkok to Rayong through Chachoengsao and Chon Buri which will be connected from the Makkasan Station which will be a comfortable experience unlike with the one on service today that travels only once a day from Bangkok to Pattaya and again Pattaya to Bangkok again for 37 baht. This high speed rail link is constructed to handle thirty thousand passengers within a one hour of travelling time between Bangkok and Rayong which passes four provinces and five stations and make the tour more efficient and consumer friendly.

The locomotives are supposed to be already purchased although the rail network is currently at preliminary stages. The estimated cost of this project is supposed to be 56 billion Baht which is planned to be completed by 2015. The out dated tracks will be replaced with the high speed rail tracks running parallel to the east of the Sukhumvit highway. Along with the new rail system that is going to be lounged, passengers will be able to commute through Bangkok and Pattaya much easily and avoid the pollution and traffic which is increasing on the roads.

The beautiful scenery between Bangkok and Pattaya is over whelming with the country life which you will never experience through the highway. The prawn farms, pineapple and coconut groves, water buffalo and cattle can be seen on the rail trip from Bangkok to Pattaya. You can experience the beautiful part of Thailand with the newly building rail link which is also going to attract more foreigners to Pattaya which is going to be a fashionable beachside with the high speed rail link that is under construction at the moment.

Keep your fingers crossed as you will soon be able to get your tickets punched of the new rail link which will be connected from Bangkok to Rayong through Pattaya where the route has already being approved  .

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