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Negaholics: Why People Become Negative and…What You Can Do About It! New Event Bangkok Thailand

Speaker Luncheon “Negaholics: Why People Become Negative and…What You Can Do About It!”
With Cherie Carter-Schott, PhD,
Author, Coach, Consultant and Lecturer

Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott is the author of 16 books and a consultant to CEO’s of top companies as well as an expert in Coaching, Customer Service, Change Management, and today’s topic, “Negaholics: Why People Become Negative and…What You Can Do About It”.

Change is an invitation to Negativity, especially significant change. When approaching the ASEAN Economic Community of 2015, this is the type of significant change that can summon the naysayers to come forward. Understanding where Negativity comes from, knowing how to detect it and determining how to effectively change the behavior of an individual or an entire culture is critical to embracing major change. If people buy-in to the change. It will be effective, and if they don’t, it will fail. Leaders must know how to affect buy-in to change if they are to be successful. Learn why it is so difficult for people to make the shift from negativity to a positive, optimistic, hopeful mindset
Joint AmCham, BCCT & TCCC Speaker Luncheon

700 Baht members; 850 Baht Non-members

Date: 13 June, 2012 at 11.30 am – 01.30 pm
Location: Eastin Grand Hotel, Bangkok

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