Interview Movers & Shakers 2011

Interview with Cees KC Cuijpers from Town & Country Property Pattaya Thailand regarding the Movers & Shakers 2 December 2011 Pattaya Thailand

Is this a pure networking?
You can’t prevent “NON-professionals” to attend, but the event mainly focuses on “Networking”…

Why is THIS the event to join in 2011

It is actually the ONLY major annual corporate network event on the Eastern Seaboard…

Which is remarkable considering the high density of industrial estates in the province of Chonburi and Thailand’s main port Leam Chabang.
M&S is a GREAT opportunity to meet and greet the “Players” on the scene….

So the event takes place in two days time, any updates and surprises you like to share?

Everything worth mentioning is already said in various media, Facebook and the official website

We created a “buzz” to which many people will respond. I hope.

We heard you going to have a nice firework?

Yes, but just very modest in my opinion.
I don’t want to “waste’” too much budget that doesn’t really benefit the sum of charity donation I can make…
But there will be a bit of a firework display….

You keep advising people to come in time to avoid long lines you expecting many people to turn up?

I am not 100% sure; But I hope it will be busy.
Last year we attracted over 500 guests.

However this year we skipped the golf-activity, so there might be approx 125 guests less than last year.

BUT:  With the Lighthouse Club (another corporate network event, on MONTHLY bases) of which I am the chairman: We are able to attract 350 guests on monthly bases…

This has been very successful over the past year; So it MIGHT be that, as people consider M&S to be a high-light, M&S will receive a positive ‘spin-off’ from the LHC-events.
And in this way we could possibly re-coup the number of guests for this year… We shall see.

Ok and this is only Pattaya locals or people from other places as well?

I expect guests from all over Asia, Bangkok and the ESB in general.

What kind of food and wine will you be serving?

There will be ICE-cold draft beer, red and white wines, soft drinks, cocktails and a hearty ‘finger-food’ buffet.
All free, all night.

We heard something about a special champagne offer?

We also have Champagne (Moet & Chandon) @ THB 5,000 per bottle.
From each bottle THB 500 will be donated to charity.

What makes Movers & Shakers stand out from the other networks in Thailand?

We are a not-for-profit event, and we don’t try to sell you anything…
All proceeds go to charity. I think that’s one of the reasons the project stands-out from others…

What it is easy to find sponsors even during this time?

It is never easy; but with the current main-sponsor (Heights Holdings) we were very lucky.
Their interest in the event fits their CSR program (Corporate Social Responsibility).

Should people dress in certain way or do you have a dress code?

Smart casual/elegant or business attire is most appreciated.

Are everyone welcome or is this only for networking?

All corporates welcome.
We ignore, race, religion and nationality…

Any last plugs for your event?

Be there!

Thank you for your time.

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