Thanks G Its Friday By Dj Ila Atomiq Pattaya Thailand

Date: 19 October, 2012 at 20:30 -23:30
Location: The Beach Club at Pullman Pattaya Hotel G

Weekend warm up
9 pm to 11 pm

Ilya Atomiq
Being an ardent music lover since birth, Ilya received classic music school education in his native city of Saint Petersburg, home town to many great names in the world of music, Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky being just a couple.
Ilya’s first steps in improvising and creating melodies on the piano came with his early attempts to scratch on his granny’s Soviet turntable, but it was not before the dawn of the new millennium that he first stood up against the real decks to command a club.
That happened when he returned to St. Petersburg from London, where he has been living with his father, then un-renowned underground art photographer Oleg Radetsky. Equally inspired by punk clubs of Camden Town, disco/house venues of Soho and warehouse raves of East London, Ilya already knew he would forever give his heart to the music, but he stood on the crossroads of rock and electronica.
Young blood was boiling with angst & anger so he first chose the realm of guitars and drums.
But in the year 2007, when the Nu Rave revolution was taking over Europe and shocking teenage dancers in dresses and high-heeled shoes by the awful sound of rock, DJ Ilya Atomiq knew it was his time to rise.
No wonder he was one of the mighty five – St. Petersburg dj’s who brought this wave of musical riot into the Republic of Kazantip (also known as East-European Ibiza) in summers of 2007 and 2008.
In the following years Atomiq was invited to play all through St. Petersburg – from the fanciest beach clubs to the hippest private and closed parties, from the most massive gay club in town to official preparty & afterparty of the biggest Fashion Week of the city (some names of the venues include Pacha Bridge Lounge, Pesok / Black Sea / Vozduh, Maestro, clubs One/Two/Three, Mini Cafe etc…). He also played as a guest in some of the sexiest clubs of Moscow, other places in Russia and Ukraine and Goa (India).
After Goa, Ibiza and Bali and trips, Ilya Atomiq starts to spend more and more time on the sunny side of the globe, particularly in Pattaya & Bangkok, Thailand. He has downshifted his European dj-career only to kick-start it again in South East Asia, where summer is forever and people party all the time.
In the end of 2010 he performed on the Main Arena of Pattaya Zoomout, the biggest dance music festival in the city, alongside Sash! and other international star dj’s.
Since the beginning of 2011 Atomiq holds the residency in the new superclub of Pattaya – Lima Lima, opening the show there for Markus Shulz (#8 DJ in the world), Leeroy Thornhill of the Prodigy fame, etc.
In Bangkok, on the other hand, he is playing at more glamorous events, entertaining mostly models and glitterati’s, spinning for example at KOI Fashion Lounge on Saturdays and at Welfare Model Night on Fridays.
Not only is Atomiq playing 3-4 decks simultaneously, combining tone mixing with turntablism tricks and juggling acapellas, but he also commands the crowd with a mic, MCing and shouting out, making the girls scream, like never before.
Being a called-for DJ, Ilya Atomiq doesn`t forget about producing either, having, for example, an acclaimed remix for Kazantip Anthem 2010 in his portfolio, alongside mash-ups and his own sounds. He is also now negotiating the launch of his new radio show on one of Pattaya FM stations.
Always diverse in sound but true to his own style and mission – to make the people move, love and rave – Atomiq continues to ignite the dancefloors, from Europe to Asia. Stay tuned, for what the world is about to hear!

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